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Plugin “WP Optimize By xTraffic” optimizes your WordPress websites for friendly search engine (SEO) and help to increase website’s ranking.

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WP Optimize By xTraffic

Plugin “WP Optimize By xTraffic” automatically optimizes SEO’s benefits for your site by building internal links with keywords and focused links. In case you don’t set focus links, this plugin will automatically link to a post/page having the highest related content through optimizated algorithm. This is a perfect solution to set internal links of  all the posts so as to keep  the user to access  your website longer, and to improve SEO effect for your  website. Or you can use this Plugin to add sponsored links to other sites.

This plugin also optimizes post’s images for friendly SEO.

Everything is done completely automatically, and you can change the options from the administration settings panel.

Features include :

  • Optimize Links : automatically link keywords in your posts and comments with your focused links or best related posts. This plugin allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in a new window.
    • Make external links open in new window and add nofollow attribute
    • Add nofollow links (include internal links & external links)
  • Optimize Images :
    • Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all images in all posts specified by your settings (friendly SEO)
    • Automatically bulk watermark images by :
    • Watermark Position : TOP ; MIDDLE ; BOTTOM + LEFT ; CENTER ; RIGHT
    • Watermark by text :
      • Choose fonts for text
      • Choose text color
      • Choose text size (% or pt). In case you set text size by %, plugin will create watermark’s size based on image’s size
      • Text Opacity
      • Text background color
    • Watermark by image :
      • Set image (your logo) url
      • Set image (your logo) size (px or %). In case you set text size by %, plugin will create watermark’s size based on image’s size
    • Optimize Image Quality : To reduce the image file size, you can reduce value Image’s Quality Bar. If you set value is 100, your image keep original quality and file size. ( Best Recommend value is from 80 to 90 )
    • Rename Image Filename : Rename your image’s filename for friendly SEO
  • Optimize Speed : make page speed load amazingly fast by these features “Optimize Javascript + Optimize CSS (Style) + Optimize HTML”
    • Optimize Javascript :
    • Combine Javascript
    • Minify Javascript
    • Asynchronous Javascript Loading
    • Optimize CSS (Style) :
    • Combine CSS
    • Minify CSS
    • Asynchronous CSS Loading
    • Optimize HTML
    • Minify HTML

How To Installation “WordPress Optimize By xTraffic”

You can install this WordPress Optimize By xTraffic plugin through these way :

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